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Here’s a list of resources for developers who want to crush the technical interview. Thread

A very affordable alternate to a CS degree. This list includes incredible book suggestions for learning everything you need to know about CS. I have a ton of these books.


A multi-month study plan for winning at an interview with Google or Facebook even if you don't have a CS degree. Definitely the most thorough guide I've ever seen.


My personal favorite site to find practice questions for interviews.


Get some experience interviewing with mock interviews online and free!


Purchase a copy of Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle McDowell. The quintessential book on technical interviews. I have yet to find a more thorough and comprehensive book.

Harvard's (free!) Introduction to Computer Science course is a classic.


Feeling overwhelmed and need somewhere to start? Want a great JavaScript resource? Try this awesome course by @kyleshevlin.


Almost forgot.. Stephen Grider has the most powerful courses. I have 7......


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