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My top 5 interview tips Another Honest thread 👇🏻🧵

1/5 be prepared to ask questions as well as being asked: Having some of my own questions prepped about the company/role really showed my genuine interest in the position. I thought about what I wanted to ask & went beyond the usual questions. Eg ‘what’s it like to work here’

2/5 Don’t be afraid to talk about your own hobbies: You have a life outside of your job, talk about your hobbies and interests, I loved talking about ‘reading & walking’ and it helped ease my nervousness during the interview.

3/5: Promote your soft skills: I go on about soft skills but they are SO important, completed a project on time? helped someone solve an issue? good team player? TALK ABOUT IT! - They are what makes you, you!

4/5 Don’t oversell: if your not confident with certain things, don’t put them on your CV, it gets awkward if your asked about it, one of the requirements of my role was Creative Cloud & I mentioned Im not confident with it, but was wiling to learn. Honesty is the best policy! 😁

It’s ok to say your nervous: But you don’t have to apologise for it! - it’s a natural feeling - even for the most confident to be nervous, I think apologised a few times and messed with my hands a lot, but that’s my coping mechanism - I don’t know why I apologised for it.

If you have an upcoming interview. They are nerve-wracking but you can take away so much from them, and if you don’t get the role your interviewing for, take the skills to the next interview! - 🤩 Good Luck!

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